Available algorithms


A method of calculating secondary structures populations of proteins from their chemical shifts.


A method the prediction of protein secondary structure populations from the amino acid sequence,  which predicts simultaneously structure and intrinsic disorder. It includes polyproline-II prediction. (paper)


A method of rational design of protein variants with enhanced solubility, which includes a prediction of protein solubility scores and solubility profiles (more info).


A method of calculating random coil chemical shifts from protein sequences.


A method of predicting from antibody sequences the residues in contact with the antigen (the antibody paratope).


A sequence-based method of predicting aggregation propensities of proteins.


A method of determining protein structures using chemical shifts.


A method of calculating side-chain methyl chemical shifts from protein structures.


A method of calculating side-chain aromatic chemical shifts from protein structures.


A general purpose code for molecular simulations.

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