The CamSol Method Web Servers

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  • Quantitative solubility ranking of protein variants (sequence-based).

  • Identification of aggregation hotspots on protein structure.

  • Rational design of protein variants with enhanced solubility. 


Free for academic users (registration/login required). Commercial users please contact Professor Michele Vendruscolo.

CamSol Intrinsic Sequence-based method of predicting protein solubility and generic aggregation propensity.
CamSol Structurally Corrected Structure-based method of calculating a solubility profile, which accounts for the proximity of the amino acids in the structure and for their solvent exposure. The structurally corrected profile can be color-coded on the structure of the protein to spot patches of low solubility that may elicit self-assembly.
CamSol design A method of rational design of protein variants with enhanced solubility (more info on the CamSol method)



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